GPSL organized the fireproofing drill

Last Friday, GPSL organized the fireproofing drill. Cui, Manager of production, hosted the event.

As we all know, fire can cause a huge damage to the safety of our production and life. The fire fighting work plays a very important role in production safety. So the staff must develop the awearness of fire safety and the company also needs to hold such events regularly to teach the staff related knowledge.

First, Manager Cui told us the damage of  fire. Then he stated the types  of fire extinguishers, including dry-chemical fire extinguisher,carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, 1211 fire extinguisher and foam fire extinguisher, etc. Manager Cui also illustrated the usages of different extinguishers. Afterwards, he demonstrated the process of putting out a fire with extinguishers and asked the section leaders to have a try by themselves. Finally, he made a conclusion about this event. 

The staff all said that they knew more about the fire fighting work through the fireproofing drill and they can face such occasion more calmly and know how to handle it if the fire happens.